Ecotourism at Balay Buhay

Salon de Floren
Rooms and halls have been constructed according to the tenets of eco-sensitive green architecture, using local materials, skills and labor wherever possible. We promote local handicrafts and artworks as well as agricultural products from our farm and nearby farms. Our plant nursery is of indigenous species to re-stock our grounds. We have grow-out ponds for tilapia and fresh-water snails. Wherever possible we purchase our foodstuff from the local community stores or source them from nearby...

By Water

Entry point is Bulan port. Take a tricycle to the jeepney terminal. Jeepneys that ply Bulan-Sorsogon or Bulan-Irosin will drop by Irosin. Either take a tricycle and go directly to Balay Buhay by special trip or drop at Land Bank Irosin and take the regular jeepney/tricycle trip to Barangay San Roque and ask for Balay Buhay sa Uma Bee Farm.